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Basel III are reform measures that are developed by Basel Committee on Banking Supervision so as to strengthen risk management, audit and financial arrangements for bank sector as a consequence of global financial crisis.

Basel III is not revolution which converts all calculation methods same as Basel II.  However Basel II

focuses on completing deficiences of latest financial crisis  as an additional regulation.

Target of Basel III might be summarized as following.

  • to increase banking system’s sustainability against financial and economic events
  • to improve corporate governance and risk management applications
  • to increase banks’ transparency and declaration towards public
  • to increase banks’  sustainability on micro basis
  • to increase financial system’s strength against unexpected events on macro basis

In order to fulfil above requirements,

  • Increase of current minimum capital quantitively, change of status and in addition to current application, establishment of nonhazardous ,in other words  accountable, basis minimum capital standard,
  • Decrease or increase of necessary requirements on economic cyclical basis
  • Legalization of regulations in favour of minimum liquidity ratios
  • Change of capital adequacy calculations in related to Trading book
  • Amendment on counterpart credit risk calculation

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