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Dear business partners;
As you know, Covid-19 disease caused by Corona virus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization as of March 11. After this announcement, the Covid-19 epidemic continued to spread rapidly and was detected in the borders of Germany where our headquarters is located and in some of the countries where we have representative offices.
ALBERK QA TECHNIC on the other hand, in order to protect its full-time employees, outsourced expert and auditor pool members, customers and other persons who are in contact with all these persons, in line with the guidelines of institutions such as the World Health Organization, IAF-DAKKS-EA-ILAC and the state decisions of the relevant countries. has put in place the protection measures that have been shaped.

ALBERK QA TECHNIC in this direction; The Disasters Management Procedure has created the Remote Control Procedure, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. In high-risk countries, we continue to stay in constant communication with our employees and customers, and continue to minimize and deliver our ongoing services to some of the measures we have taken as follows:

  • We use online technology in our meetings, seminars and training courses as much as possible.
  • We organize distance education and audits
  • We postpone the audits of our customers who are not at risk in remote areas for 3 months periods.
  • To our customers before the field inspections that cannot be postponed;
  • We ask how they manage the process related to COVID-19 and if there are any cases
  • We question whether there are travel restrictions in the region where the customer or auditor is located.
  • We question whether there are any health problems in the audit team to be sent to our customers (fever, cough, etc.)
  • We encourage our office staff to work from their homes with a remote server connection
  • We prevent the use of public transportation for the personnel who have to come to the office and allocate office vehicles.
  • We meet all the needs of our personnel who need to come to the office, such as masks, gloves, hand disinfectants and we measure fire at the entrance and exit of the office.

The health of you, our valued customers and valuable employees, is important to us. We hope that we can complete these difficult days in a healthy way.
Please refer to the links below to reach local and international information about the subject.


70174-Stuttgart, Deutschland
Telefon : +49 (0) 711 99 52 16 30
Fax :        +49 711 94 54 49 46
E-Mail :    info@qatechnic.de
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