• BRC Global Standard Food Safety

BRC published ‘’BRC- Food Standard’’ together with large English Retailers with a purpose to provide minimum hygiene standard at food manufactuing facilities. For assurance of conformity to this standard, food industry (suppliers) six fundamental criterias need to be adapted to management systems.
Standard; is consist of HACCP System, Quality Management System, Plant Environmental Standards, Product Control, Process Control, Personnel sections.

BRC Food Standard, categorises the processing of food and published by examining under 6 titles. When the companies make certification application, they should perform their applications over the appropriate categories by examining those categories.  

  1. Unprocessed meat and fish prodcuts (Red and White meat-fish, unprocessed meat and fish products)
  2. Production (Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables
  3. Daily Foods (milk and milk products, egg)
  4. Frozen by cooking, ready to eat and cook meat and fish products
  5. Environmental condition resistant, heat protected, packaged food products
  6. Other food products resistant to environmental conditions (beverages, bakery products, dried foods, light food products and breakfast cereals, liquid and solid oils, food additives)

BRC Global Standard Food Safety

BRC Global Standard Storage and Distribution

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