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Calibration is a sequence of operations determine the relation between the values indicated by any measurement device or any measurement system and the corresponding values of measurand under defined conditions.

Calibration is an adjusting operation, not maintenance or repair.

Which kind of devices should be calibrated ?

Devices used in decision making stages (experiment, inspection, design, r&d, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring etc.), should to be calibrated ?

Why the calibration is necessary ?

It is necessary to detect how close the values indicated by measurement devices to actual values.

Is the calibration an obligatory ?

Calibration is optional in industrial field. However, if the certificate will be applied with respect to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 16949 Quality Management System in Automotive Sector, IFS International Food Standard, BRC British Retail Consortium, ISO 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratory Competency standards or similar standards, monitoring and measurement devices are subjected to calibration obligatorily.

When the calibration should be performed and what is the frequecy of it ?

Calibration should be conducted or have somebody to condust when the device is intially purchased, after repair, adjustment, maintenance actvities, in case of any doubt related with measurement results of device and defined periods.

Calibration period; is determined by expertised personnel considering manufacturer susggestion, device manufacturing conditions, usage frequency and risk status.


In which cases calibration become invalid ?

Calibration will be invalid if the device is exposed to impact, fall down, get damaged or the calibration period is expired

What will be the situation if we do not conduct calibration ?

Correct decision can only be given basing on reliable data. Decisions, applications applied depending on faulty measurements will cause prestige, labor force, quality and money.

I sent my device for calibration but it still measures with deviation, why ?

Calibration accuracy is comparison process of test device and reference device whose calibration accuracy known, therefore, calibrated device does not mean it is faultless device.

What does the uncertainty on calibration certificate mean ?

A value calculated considering possibility for occurence of faults at the same time during measurement. This value, is an estimated value defines the measurand range can be found around average value and  it is expressed as uncertainty. Uncertainty value, determines how measurement result will be trusted at which intervals , have to be declared as an obligatory together with measurement result. When the measurement results of device, is assessed, uncertainty value absolutely needs to be considered.

Which devices need to be calibrated ?

Devices affrects the safety and used in decision making stages (experiment, inspection, design, r&d, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring etc.), should to be calibrated ?

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