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Product Certification 

The CE symbol - the safety-related "passport" for products in Europe

CE stands for "Communauté Européenne" and was considered equivalent to "European Community" (EC) in the 1980s.  The CE marking is an administrative sign and indicates the conformity of the product (goods, machines, equipment) with applicable requirements in accordance with all applicable European directives (EU Regulation 765/2008).  

European Directives ensure the protection of the consumer through the safety, health and environmental protection of products.  These must be fulfilled during the design and manufacture of the product and must be subject to a corresponding conformity test. 

The CE marking is then affixed.  With this marking, the manufacturer or importer confirms that conformity assessment was carried out in accordance with all applicable directives and that its industrial product complies with the currently applicable EU directives.  

This means that the product can be free traded or put into service in the European internal market, i.e. in all participating States of the European Economic Area (EEA).  

Your advantages:
  • Strengthening trust in customers and stakeholders  
  • Compliance with prescribed standards in the industrial sector 
  • Reduction of (safety) risks during manufacture and assembly
  • Proof of compliance with all minimum legal requirements 
Services of QA Technic in relation to CE marking:   
  • Compliance with directives on CE marking and product safety for the free movement of goods in the EU 
  • Internal technical documentation 
  • Efficient implementation of conformity assessment procedures 
  • Independent risk assessment according to DIN EN ISO 12100 
  • Optimal solutions for risk minimization 
  • Creation of a Declaration of Conformity  
  • Attaching the CE mark 

QA Technic GmbH will be pleased to assist you. Our experts offer both national small and medium-sized companies as well as international companies tailor-made solutions to achieve their goals. 

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