• Certification Rules



These application principles has written in accordance with rules of international Accreditation Organizations and international regulatory authorities by implementing all of the operations of QA TECHNIC. QA TECHNIC works in comply with rules of acreditation organizations, international regulatory authorities’ guidelines and certification standards.


ALBERK QA TECHNIC INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL INSPECTION CERTIFICATION SURVEY GmbH independently audit and certify the companies in the direction of application of firm work in the scope of related standards and regulations which act in the subject of management systems. In addition, ALBERK provides the trainings open to general participation and certifies the successfull participants.


ALBERK QA TECHNIC is responsible from preservation of the secret documents that internal and exterior personnel testify. Therefore, secrecy agreement get signed by all of the interior and exterior personells in agreements which is applied to organizations signed mutually.

In addition, commitments related with confidentiality at contracts dealed with organisations, are reciprocally signed.
Hard copies of audit reports; stored in rooms that under responsibilty of private personel, in case of electronic copies; stored in the ALBERK QA TECHNIC private software and can not subtraced out of office.
In the case of explanation of information to third partiess by related legal authorities; information is given to the supplier to the exent tha laws and regulations would permit. No information would be given to third party withiut written consent of the supplier.


If is requested, QA TECHNIC organization scheme, responsibilities and report system of our organization are available.


Basic conditions to be certified by QA TECHNIC and maintain that certification:

5.1    Applicant company has to operate comply with rules stated in guidelines which are in relation with applied standards, procedures and conditions declared below.

5.2    Applicant organization has to provide all required information to QA TECHNIC to complete the relavant Audit Programme.

5.3    In case, QA TECHNIC concludes that the applicant organization does not meet the conditions to gain a right for certification, these negative opinions and considerations are delivered to applicant organisation.  

5.4     When the applicant organisation proves that required conditions have been fulfilled by the realisation of corrective / preventive activities (if these activities could not be verified as documentational) within specific time period, our company arranges re-audit plan and charges this activity in the invoice as an expenditure.

5.5     If the applicant organization can not correspond the requirements in terms of corrective / preventive activities within determined time interval, QA TECHNIC may need to re-arrange an initial audit and relavant expenses could be charged to organisation as an expenditure.

5.6    Determination of organisation’s conformity, is determined at site audits and the scope is going to be written on certification scope, is determined at the end of audit.

5.7    Fees are paid within the time interval determined in certification agreement. Certificates are not published till initial certification and re-certification fees are delivered. In case of surveillance fee is not paid, current certificates are suspended or recalled.

5.8    Applicant organization should facilitate to be conducted for realisation of surveillance audits by QA TECHNIC within the time frame determined in certification agreement.

5.9    In case of any accreditation suspension or cancellation situation related with the certificates arranged under the scope of our accreditation,  is faced, certificate could be transferred upon your request to another certification body which is accredited by the accreditation body had countersigned mutual recognition agreement of IAF.  In case our accreditation is canceled or suspended for any reason; The customer will not be refunded. The company will not be able to claim financial compensation from Alberk QA Technic for reasons such as loss of prestige, financial loss, etc.

5.10    Our client who gained a right to get certified, has responsibility to act in accordance with requirements of ‘’logo, mark and brand usage’’ instruction is published at our website for logo, brand, statement and certificate usage.

a) Comply with the conditions of QA TECHNIC, when the certification status is released to public over communication medias such as internet, documents, brochures, advertisements or other documents,
b) Not to make or disallow any deceptive statement regarding its certification
c) Not to make any misleading usage of certification document and its any part of it, or disallow of its usage.
d) In case of certificate recall, usage of all kind of advertising material and activities refer to certification complying with the directives of QA Technic, need to be stopped.
e) When the certification scope is reduced, amendment of all kind of advertising materials according to this revision.
f) Disallow the usage of Certification of management system, to give the impression of as if the QA TECHNIC had certified the product (including service) or process.
g) Prevent to give the impression of certification is applied to activities and addresses other than the certification scope.

5.11- Individuals would like to get a line on from our company, will be directed to related persons in case of send an e-mail to info@qatechnic.de mail address.


Services provided by our company is described on our website. Application forms prepared in accordance with these services, are also opened to sharing on our website. As well as these forms could be completed over website, can also be printed out and delivered via fax-mail and cargo. Application form is evaluated in terms of suitability, by our company. In case of the evaluations is found as inappropriate, required explanation is made to applicant. In case of evaluations resulted as suitable, pricing stage is stepped.

The proposal covers the prices according to audit scope, is delivered to applicant organisation.

In case the potential client requests to make discount on the fees, and demands on its details, assessment of this request under the authority of General Manager. Application form is undersigned by management representative of applicant organisation and delivered to QA TECHNIC together with documents and payment fee attached in the annex. QA TECHNIC assigns technical personnel appropriate for this project. Auditors are responsible to conduct the audit in compliance with QA TECHNIC procedures.

In the stage of signature of agreement, at least the documents are identified below need to be delivered to our organisation.

-System documents of organisation (if available, quality manual and procedures)
-SOA and ISMS documentstion for organizations seeking ISO 27001 Certification
-If it is availabe, introductory documents (brochures, catalogue, advertisement CD etc.)
-Authorised signatories belong to the authoritized person who signs agreements.
- Copy of trade registry gazette
- Certificate of activity


Management systems certification audits are carried out in two-stage. Aim of Stage 1 audit performance; re-verification of company scope and process flow, evaluation of location and site specific conditions, gathering an information required according to scope, processes, locations related with conformity, legal conditions and regulatory authorities, investigation of definitions related with substructure and process conditions, assessment of whether the internal audit and Management review is planned and implemented effectively or not, and the management system application level is sufficient enough for Stage 2 audit of the client or not. , control of its effectiveness, control of the auditors’ competence, who will conduct the audit in terms of compliance to scope of client organisation, review of system setup logic of company regarding to conformity to standards, review for provision of Stage 2 sources and discussion the Stage 2 audit details with client organisation, enable to concentrate on planning of stage 2 audit planning to ensure from the sufficient understanding of applicant organisation’s processes and management system.

Duration between the Stage 1 and stage 2 audits determined according to customer requirements but can not exceed 6 months.

Stage 1 audits results can cause the delay or cancellation of Stage 2 audit.

In case of any amendment occur which can affect the management system, QA Technic evaluate situation and consider the repeating the whole or any part of Stage 1 audit.

Audit duration; is determined within the frame of conditions stated in guidelines belongs to related standards and it is declared to customer by audit approval form.
In case auditors detect any situation includes critical and high risk, during the audit, have a right to stop the audit.


Certification: Reports received from the lead auditor, is controlled by Certification Manager and as a result of this evaluation, certification manager control, paraph the competency of report in terms of content and present it to certification committee. Certification committee discuss the audit report and its annexes belong to relavant company. In this discussion, audit report, its annexes and if any closed nonconformities, are detailly investigated. As a result of discussion and review performed by certification committee, it is decided that whether the certification will be guaranteed or not to relavant company, or usage of certification will be continued or not. Certification committee do not give certification decision till ensure that detected major and minör nonconformities are closed off appropriately. Company, gains a right for certification or to continue the usage of current certification, in case the certification committee give positive decision.

Surveillance: Surveillance audits, is the investigation of certified organisation’s management system at least once in a year basing on the certificate issue date. Surveillance audits, could cover the whole part or sections of organisation’s management system. Surveillance audits do not have an obligation to cover the whole audit.

Surveillance audits should cover at least those listed below;

a)    Internal audits and Management Review,
b)    Review of the activities performed regarding the nonconformities identified in previous audit,
c)    Handling of complaints,
d)    Effectivity of system in terms of customer purposes and projected outputs of relavant management systems.
e)    Developments in planned activities intended in continues improvement
f)    Continuing operational control
g)    Review of all amendments in system and
h)    All kind of referral addressed to trademark usage and/or certification

Surveillance audits can not be seperated as Stage 1 and Stage 2. Only the Stage 2 audit is conducted in surveillance audits. Number of surveillance audits, could be increased depending on certification committee decisions, received customer complaints, class of nonconformities detected in previous audits or suggestions in audit reports. The company is held responsible for implementation of activities at least once in a year, related with the management review and internal audit clauses of reference standard, have to provide the records belong to relavant activities to audit team in surveillance audits.


Management system contracts are valid for three years period. Prior to 3 months before new audit date, proposal for new 3 years period is prepared. To maintain re-certification; customer organisation have to complete audit, close off nonconformities and deliver the audit report to QA TECHNIC before the expiry date of 3 years period.

Unless the re-certification audit is completed or verified corrections and corrective activities are realised regarding any major nonconformity prior to end of 3 years period, re-certification may not take place, certificate validity can not be maintained.

On condition that completion of re-certification activities, if the company still can not correspond the conditions which leads the company to gain certification right even after 6 months passed from certification expiry date, new stage 2 audit is conducted and charged to company as an expenditure.


In case of new product/process/site additions, it is asked from the customer to complete the application form if any extension on the certificate is requested.

Audit is conducted as it is provided in 5.6.4 clause of audit and certification procedure in requested field excluding the other fields. Certificate scope extension cost is prepared depending on the audit programme.

In case any amendment regarding the reduction of products within manufacturing field of company, scope of the company declared on the original certificate will be reduced. When this kind of information is received, reviews are realised and scope will be amended by conducting audit. Costs regarding the reduction of certificate scope, is composed by sum of requested audit programme and costs of additional administrative activities regarding new certificate issue.
If the audit indicates the current status of activities in relation to company’s scope, is completed successfully, the certificates is re-arranged and the old one is sent back to QA TECHNIC.


If the company request to make any alteration in product/ process/ activities or management system that can affect relavant standards, the company notify the QA TECHNIC. In case of requirement, QA TECHNIC verify these amendments with additional audits. When the QA TECHNIC detects any negativity, the certificate could be cancelled. The company have to make required announcement to us regarding any amendments related with those seen below;

a) legal, commercial or status, property of body
b) Amendments in key managerial personnel, decisison maker and technical staff of organisation or management,
c) Contact address and important fields
d) Scope of the processes take place under the certified management systems
e) Amendments in sectoral legislative regulation
f) In case of product recall, customer will notify the QA TECHNIC management regarding the status and details of the situation.
g) Same conditions are applicable in case of any amendments in accreditation conditions.


Certificate holder has right to use all kind of advertising material to indicate its product, service and environmental performances has been audited. In addition, it could use the brand related with certification scope provided on certificate, on fundamental promotion materials. The company may not use this brand on its products and packages. The company also need to ensure that required discrimination between the certified and uncertified product/process or service on advertisements and notices, are made. The company will not get involved in any activities to take their customers in, who make purchase, to convince them even the product/process or activities are not certified. Furthermore, publish of related certificate does not mean that product, process or service is approved by management board of national accreditation body.


QA TECHNIC takes all kind of appropriate precautions to control usage of certificiates are already published. In case of certificate scope is incorrect or misusage of certificate brand on advertisements or catalogues, QA TECHNIC can realise appropriate actions for suspension or cancellation of certificate,  legal action or announcement for violation.


case the conditions that are stated below come to the Picture, certificate woould be suspended for a period not exceeding 6 months via decision of the certification committee.



Temporary suspension request of certified customer voluntarily.

Certificate is suspended and 14.1-14.2 clauses are applied. New audit is conducted to remove suspension status.

In case of continuous fail of customer severely in fulfill of required certification conditions of certified management system, including the ones regarding effectivity of management system

Certificate is suspended and 14.1-14.2 clauses are applied. New audit is conducted to remove suspension status and management system conformity is assessed. Clause of 5.1.2 is evaluated.

In case of certified customer does not allow to conduct its surveillance or re-certification audits as often as required.

Certificate is suspended and 14.1-14.2 clauses are applied. Suspension status is hold stable till it is permitted to conduct the audit. Suspension status is removed by new audit.

Detection of critical nonconformity at audit (for ISO 22000 audits)

Certificate is suspended and 14.1-14.2 clauses are applied. New audit is conducted to remove suspension status. Clause of 14.3 is evaluated.

For the cases are going to be stated below, ALBERK could suspend the certificates in order to make further detailed assessment.



In case of any official act regarding product safety or licences

Suspension process is kept stable until the company proves and announce to QA Technic that there is not any inconveniences regarding the product or legal process. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

In case of product recall occurs.

Report regarding the situation, is requested and site assessment is realised. Suspension is requested throughout this process. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

In case the company suffer from a major loss of site, as a result of incidents such as natural disasters or fire

Certificate is suspended until the site audit is conducted since the situation cause troubles in terms of the current system’s functionality. Decision is determined according to audit result. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

In case of inelimination of major nonconformities detected at audits, within defined periods,

The company could be suspended in case the nonconformities do not be eliminated within 3 months period and clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied. However, this suspension could be removed by the investigation of evidence, if the company is not subjected to follow up audit, in previous audit.

In case company breaches the responsibilities take place contract to some extent do not require the cancellation of certificate

It is suspended till it is proved that contract conditions are corresponded and clauses of 14.1-14.2 8 are applied.

In case the detection of legal sanctions’ violation, which needs to be applied apart from the relevant standard regarding the product/ service take place certification scope

The certificate is suspended till the legal conformity is corresponded and clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied. After, legal conformity report is delivered, suspension status is removed.

Interruption of product/service by company’s request because of the reasons such as strike, lock-out, re-organisations, natural disasters, raw material shortage, order failure, any amendment at location address of site or similar reasons.

The certificate is kept as suspended till the company withdraw the suspension request. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

Breach of certification rules

Application could vary depending on the conditions violated.

Misusage of certification document, statement and logo

Suspension status is continued until it is proved that certification document, statement or logo is used appropriately. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied. Suspension status is removed by committee member decision given for objective evidence assessment and site assessment.

Repudiate the certificate or audit fees

In case of any payment do not be received after the performance of audit, certificate is not dispatched by accounting department. If it is still not paid within 1 month, suspension process is applied. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

In case of any delay on first surveillance audit date 2 weeks and/or more for no reason

Suspension process is continued till the surveillance audit is conducted. Clauses of 14.1-14.2 are applied.

14.1 Suspension process outputs;

  • Certificate is invalid for temporary period.
  • Company can not take adavantage of rights belong to certificate
  • Customer should refuse to declare its certification status.
  • Certificate can not be referenced on promotion materials and advertising activities.
  • Suspension status is declared to public. / Suspension status is an information available for public.
  • QA Technic could take all other precautions considered as appropriate within the frame of contract.

14.2 Scope, duration and type of the audit conducted within the context of suspension status removal, is determined depending on certificate suspension justification.

Suspension status of the company whose conformity is verified at the end of audit, is removed. In case the suspension justifications are not removed, certificate is cancelled.

In case any failure in re-solutions of issues within defined period, it is resulted as certificate withdrawal or reduction of certificate scope. Removal of suspension status is notified to company in written.

14.3. In case any continuous or severe failure to meet the system conditions for some part of the scope,  QA Technic reduce the certification scope of its customer as leaving out the part whose conditions are not met. However, same situation is not applicable for ISO 22000 certification. Any trouble observed at any process stage or product manufacturing line, requires review of all certification conditions and cause the suspension or cancellation of certification.


Decison for cancellation of certification, is determined for the cases stated below:



In case the company does not allow to conduct the audit till the end of determined suspension period.

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case of failure in closing off nonconformities within foreseen period, at realised activities (audit, document assessment etc.) to remove suspension status

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Company's bankruptcy or termination of activity take place in certificate scope.

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Usage of certificate, in the fields other than the product or service stated within scope of management system certificate

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Supply of incomplete information and misstatement by company during the audits,

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Misleading and misapplication of certificate,

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case fees realised by QA Technic, are not paid within 6 months following issue date of invoice,

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case of detection that the management system of the company lost its conformity, at audits conducted within the period of certification validity

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case the company do not accept the suspension conditions

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case the company does not remove suspension justifications within 6 months

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case the company does not give confirmation to conduct follow up audit at the end of suspension period

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Absence of company at site address stated on certificate,

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

Amendment of legal entity belongs to company

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case the company falsify the certificate and its annexes

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

For any reason, if the company have a request to delay surveillance audit date notified by QA Technic, without giving any exact date or any request to cancel surveillance audit or the company rejects the surveillance audit

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

In case of notification to QA Technic in written, at a request of company,

Certificate is cancelled and clause of 15.1 is applied.

For the cases stated below, ALBERK re-conducts the audit in order to give right decision and it could determine cancellation decision as a result of this audit.
  • In case of any official act regarding product safety or licences
  • In case of product recall occurs.
  • In case the company suffer from a major loss of site, as a result of incidents such as natural disasters or fire
  • In case any alteration of company owner 

15.1 Withdrawal/Cancellation process outputs
  • Certificate is invalid, (in case of any request to satisfy appropriate conditions and for continuation of certification; it is subjected to initial certification process)
  • Company can not take adavantage of rights belong to certificate
  • Customer should refuse to declare its certification status
  • Following the cancellation of certificate, company have to remove certification logo, brand and statement from all kind of correspondence and promotion material within 1 month.
  • Withdrawal status is declared to public. / Withdrawal status is an information available for public.
  • QA Technic could take all other precautions considered as appropriate within the frame of contract.

Otherwise, QA Technic;
  • announce the issue to accreditation bodies and other certification bodies
  • announce to various media organs to declare that company is used the certificate illegally violating the contract conditions,
  • apply to legal procedures in order to recover the pecuniary loss and intangible damages because of this reason.

QA TECHNIC will not be responsible to return any paid audit fee. QA TECHNIC publishes the withdrawal of certificate. Usage of certificates and logo by the company following the withdrawal process, is a mistake, recall of this certificate and logo is intellectual property of trademark holder and laid down by the laws.


Fees will be detailed in the proposal delivered to applicant organisation. All expenses will take place on the proposal depending on the time, price increases during certification will be reflected to proposal. This sort of increases will be notified to customer company in writing.
When it is applied, the company is responsible to pay the cost of first year during progress of certification process regardless of the consequence. Application will be refused if the cost belongs to first year of three years certification period, does not be paid within thirty days. Costs related to extras do not take place within the scope of original proposal, unplanned visits, additional audit in order to verify maintenance quality management system in terms of competency in practice, will be invoiced. All costs in audit and surveillance fees, are priced out excluding transportation and accommodation expenses (unless otherwise specified in proposal). When necessary, those expenses (transportation, food expenses etc.) will be invoiced as an extra. All costs are taxed according to tax rate of the country whereabouts.


Organisation have a right to object to audit team, audit date, audit plan, nonconformity decisions taken by audit team and decisions determined by certification committee. These appeals, are assessed in compliance with complaint and appeals management procedure in our website.

Regarding the company applied for certification; in case of any disagreement on situations such as audit plan, audit date of company and assigned auditors etc. , certification manager finds a solution to disagreement between the parties re-processing the matter considering request of company. In case of any request for amendment on assigned auditors, it is expect to deliver this request in writing. Amendment is realised after the relevant assessments related to justifications, are performed.

As for appeal is realised against to certification committee decisions taken as a conclusion of audit activities; when it is delivered to QA TECHNIC, subject of objection, is delivered to agenda of Complaint and Appeal Committee by CEO. Name and CVs of committee members, are notified to interested party for confirmation. Organisation may participate to meeting upon request. Organisation have objection right to complaint and appeal committee members indicating rightful justifications.

Committee gives a precise decision within 15 days following delivery of objection to QA Technic. Complaint and Appeal committee decision; is notified to appeal holder organisation/ individual and management representative in writing and filed by QA Technic.


ALBERK QA TECHNIC records all kind of complaints received via e-mail on website, verbal or in writing. All sort of complaint received in relation to ALBERK QA TECHNIC activities, are assessed at the lates within one week in accordance with relavant procedure and if any corrective action is necessary, it is started and interested parties are notified within 15 days. Independency, impartiality and confidentiality principles are based in assessment of complaints handled by Complaint and Appeal Committee.

Information related with the customer, obtained from the sources (for instance; complain owner or regulative authorities) other than the customer, are evaluated in confidential manner.

In case the complaint is related with the product or service presented by the certified organisation,  complaint is immediately delivered to organisation and is requested to be concluded at the latest in 15 days within the frame of corrective action procedure. Assessment results are delivered to complain holder company considering confidentiality principles. Received customer complaints are considered for QA Technic as an opportunity to review itself.

All of our certified organisations could indicate the records upon request, belong to customer complaints and corrective preventive activities initiated in accordance with these complaints.

QA Technic assess those records considering at surveillance audits.

If the complaint holder, does not satisfy with the complaint handling process of ALBERK, complaint holder will direct its complaint to interested accreditation body.

The complaints had already agreed with complaint holder and have not closed off within documentated time interval, will be presented to upper management of ALBERK and be ensured that the complaint get an appropriate priority. Nonconformities have not been closed off within agreed time interval, will be presented to attention of Accreditation body.


All responsibilities regarding certified organizations belong to QA TECHNIC. Organisations certified or whose certification are cancelled, could be announced to public upon request.


In case the accreditation body have a request to conduct witness audit at your organization, witness audit will be realised by the confirmation of your company. In case the witness audit is conducted at your organisation, accreditation body will comply with the confidentiality principles.

Accreditation bodies have an authority to conduct the unannounced site audit. Accreditation bodies participate to these audits in order to evaluate ALBERK QA TECHNIC not to observe and assess your company.
Throughout these visits, in case any critical situation related with company is detected and declared to your attention, your company will take a proper action according to its own procedures.
Situations sample for this case, could be observed below;

- If there is an address amendment of company and it is not notified to our attention and if this amendment is noticed at site, the company is suspended till the audit for address amendment is conducted.

- If the company close down officially and the company does not provide any information regarding this situation, certificate of the company will be cancelled.

- If the company initiated to act on activities apart from the ones stated on certificate of the company (for instance; the company had activities on glass manufacturing process but they continue to use the certificate even the glass manufacturing activities had been stopped) but relavant information have not been announced, certificate of the company will be suspended until the audit for scope amendment, is conducted.

-- In case it is detected during the audit of the company that conformity to provisions pose severe risk, interim audits are planned to company and actions taken in the light of findings.

- In case the misusage of certificate or logo, is detected by accreditation body or any other third party, corrective action is requested from the company.


QA TECHNIC announces the document amendments regarding national and international organisations, national laws, regulation and standards, accreditation bodies, their documentation and interior operation, to all clients in writing and publishes on website. Global representatives are informed via mail and it is ensured that their clients are notified. QA TECHNIC ensures that required arragements in its own procedures of all certified organisations, are realised within 3 months following decision taken related to amended rules and their publish date. Realised amendments are controlled during surveillance audits. In case of required amendments are not implemented, it is suspended as it is stated at procedure related with certification.

The amendments (address, scope, title, process, key personnel etc.) performed by our clients, will be announced to QA Technic at the latest within 2 weeks period and in case of necessary, those amendments will be verified by additional audits.


In case of product recall, customer shall inform ALBERK QA TECHNIC Management related to status of the situation and its details.


The aim of ALBERK QA TECHNIC while managing its own business; is to meet the possible highest ethic level and reach to legal standards. ALBERK obliges its all full time and part time employee and its subcontractors to act basing on principles written on CODE OF ETHICS as a guideline.

QA Technic follows the path appropriate to impartiality policy in their all activities. It is also supported by the declaration of upper management. Service applications are open to all organisation. Any party or group are not granted privileges during the rendering of services. QA Technic limits its conditions, assessments, reviewal, decision and surveillance (if the surveillance in question) with issues which are in direct relation with certification scope.


The companies has gained certificate usage right, could be detected misapplication of system certificates or misusage of information belongs to certificate on promotion documents against to consumers.
This determination;

When the improper matters related with certification, are detected, the organisation is initially warned in writing. Certification management evaluates the issue in cooperation with legal experts when necessary. If the organisation rejects to make required amendments as a result of warnings raised against itself, suspension, withdrawal of certificate and legal actions will be implemented in accordance with certification procedure and instructions as it is declared to organisations.
In case of certificate or logo usage without any signed contract or even the contract is terminated for any reason; legal actions are applied against to their clients because of pecuniary loss of QA Technic and deceptive statement of the client.

Legal actions are applied when the matters related with misapplication of certificate is detected.
Decisions taken by certification committee are delivered to Certification Management in order to notify related organisations.

Records regarding the misapplication and improper usage of certificate is kept by Certification Management and Corrective and Preventive Activities will be initiated when necessary.
In case the corrective activities have not been realised within determined period, QA TECHNIC will begin to apply the activities listed below: 
  • Related accreditation body is notified,
  • Withdrawal of certificate had already issued, is announced to public,
  • Required action are implemented in order to initiate legal practice. Legal and penal transcations are applied to file a claim for pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation no fewer than certification fee.

Our clients who get audit and certification service on OHSAS 18001 subject, is responsible to notify our organisation for the cases stated below;
  • Fatalities, serious injuries, occupational diseases occur at location of customer or legal actions applied by regulative authority (including but not limited to)
  • Presence of findings belong to customer, related with OHSAS detected by 3rd parties at surveillance and re-certification time.

DD.01 Rev.04, 16.11.2018


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