• Construction Products Directive - (305/2011/AB)

Construction Products Regulation contains all requirements such as conformity assessment procedures, methods and essentials related to market surveillance and inspection operations for all products to-be manufactured

including various construction and other construction engineering operations in order for permanent use of constructional Works.

This regulation purposes to facilitate free circulation for construction products within the country and European Union member countries

 All requirements that must be relied on technical specifications to-be produced within the context of Construction Products Regulation are construction regulations in force within European Union Member Countries. This requirements are;

  •         Mechanical endurance and stability
  •         Security for fire events
  •         Hygene, Health and Environment
  •         Security to use
  •         Protection to disturbance
  •         Energy and Heat Conservation

It is mandatory that Construction products shall be complied with harmonized standards that had been published by European Union Commission in order for compliance with regulations. In case of existence of unharmonized standards, European Technical Approval (ETA) is the only critic to evaluate the conformity assessments. In the event of nonexistence of harmonized standards, and European Technical Approval, it is mandatory to comply with national standards in order for fulfilling essential requirements

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