• Gosstroy Certificate

In this production certificate regarding construction, Russian Federation ensures people security, ownership and environmental protection, putting norms and rules and technical properties regarding the productions terminology, consistent in Russia ministery of construction or other countries international or national standards in Russian Federations territory. The mandatory certificates application diagram is managed by Russian Ministery of Construction with producing one type of cement.

Compatability Certificate (GOST, GOST R, SEC etc...) is highlighted on production regarding construction works and approves that it applies to base principles and applicable to technical documents requirements. 

Necessary documents for Gosstroy certificate
  1. Registration to chamber of commerce (activity certificate)
  2. Signature circulars of authorized personnel
  3. Trade mark registration documents
  4. If any certificate exists, their photocopies (TSE-ISO-CE-UKRSEPRO etc...)
  5. Early test reports for the products demanded earlier
  6. Technical information for each product
  7. Operating instructions and label information for the products
  8. Number of machines, their serial numbers and name of producer used in the factory
  9. Production diagram for the factory (starting from raw material entrance)
  10. GTIP numbers and model-code information (if existent) for the products
  11. Title and adress information as wanted to be placed on the certificate
  12. 1Catalog showing the products to be certificated
  13. Three samples from each product
  14. Proxy statement


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