• Hygiene Certificate

Fields of use fır Hygiene Certificate

In Russia, it is asked for products which affects community health according to Consumer Right Protection Law and it is a base for quality certificate. Hygiene Certificate is needed for food, clothing, cosmetics interacting with skin, food packaging and production equipment material, furniture and metal chemical components and this creates a base for GOST Certificate.

  • All drinks or food touching human skin
  • Cosmetics which are taken either by breathing or touching the skin.
  • Clothes interacting with skin, sheet, towel etc... home textile products.
  • Machinery and equipment used in food production.
  • Material used in food packaging.
  • Wooden material such as Fiberwood or MDF used in furnitures.
  • Toys and all kid material.
  • Home chemicals
  • Paint and other chemicals which can be used by people.
  • Industrial Machines (in scope of noıise and vibration)
  • Some products which create emission or creates electromagnetic field.

Types of Hygiene Certification

Hygiene cCrtificates can be given according to products, type of service and the technical requirements for the process applied.
Among these, especially product based hygiene certificate concerns the producers importing/exporting to Russia. The samples taken from the products are applied to some tests related to the relevant documentation and compatibility with Russian norms are investigated later.
Other type of Hygiene Certificates are related to service and industrial sector in Russia


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