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Quality Certificate still valid in Ukraine. Ukraine has developed his quality standards based of GOST system after the Soviet Union has collapsed. Ukraine Quality Certificate (UkrSEPRO), shows a lot ofv similarities to GOST meanwhile in application and regulatory part shows some differencies.

Duration Differences

There are differences in the products which need certification. We have ISO 9000 and TSE standard which are obligatory for compettitiveness while Ukraine has this standard for Ukraine exporting and domestic companies. Uks Sepro Certificate is not just for the system but the companys products. İn other words, products nedd to be examined for this certification. This examination is valid only in test centers.

Why is Ukrsepro Certificate Needed?

Every country questions their the quality of their products which come to their customs. In this perspective, Ukraine shows the similiar attitude andand asks for certificate from the imported products. Countries which send products to this country often need this document in the customs. Besides, this document is needed to gain prestige in the domestic market. It is as prestiguous as Quality Assurance Certificates like TSE and ISO 9001
used in our country.

In which Territories is Ukraine Ukrsepro Certificates valid in)?


Where is Ukrsepro used in?

Ukraine Customs (mandatory)
Retail Stores (For retailly sold products)
In constructions ( For getting settlement licence usedi n construction controls)
Sites such as laundry and industrial kitchen (for getting work permit)
Production sites and factories (for getting work and operating permits.

Ukraine Ukrsepro Certification Types:

The kind of certifications depends mainly for the duration it is given.
UKRSepro given for one year: It is given just by technical documentation without examining the organizations products. For getting this certificate, the company needs to hace ISO 9001 certificate. The products compatability with Ukraine norms.

UKRSepro given for two years: Given for specific products after inspection in the production site and writing a report about the inspection. These organizations do not need ISO 9001 certificates. In many circumstances, this certification is preferred. Products compatibility with Ukraine norms is also tested.
UkrSepro Given for five years: Given for specific products after inspection in the production site and writing a report about the inspection. For this certification, the customer organization needs to have ISO 9001 standards. Products compatibility with Ukraine norms is also tested.

Documents needed for UkrSepro certificate application:

  1. Registration to chamber of commerce (activity certificate)
  2. Signature circulars of authorized personnel
  3. Trade mark registration documents
  4. If any certificate exists, their photocopies (TSE-ISO-CE-UKRSEPRO etc...)
  5. Early test reports for the products demanded earlier
  6. Technical information for each product
  7. Operating instructions and label information for the products
  8. Number of machines, their serial numbers and name of producer used in the factory
  9. Production diagram for the factory (starting from raw material entrance)
  10. GTIP numbers and model-code information (if existent) for the products
  11. Title and adress information as wanted to be placed on the certificate
  12. Catalog showing the products to be certificated
  13. Three samples from each product


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