• Impartiality Policy

QA Technic’s structure is organised in order to maintain confidence in accordance with  guides  and principles of EN ISO/IEC 17021:2011  related with application process of applicant organizations  for certification  and to act under the provisions of equality and impartiality.The importance of impartiality is also re-emphasized within organization.

Structure of QA Technic is designed in such a manner that impartiality of certification and audit duration is guaranteed. 

Confidentialty agreement is generated for purposes of preventing all personnel from pressures such as commercial,financial and other.Within agreement, it has been guaranteed that no consultancy service would be provided by full time personnel 
Alberk QA Technic’s wages of all personnel is independent from total number of conducted  audits and its consequences.Confidentiality and security at each and every process are maintained by agreements.

Independency ,impartiality priciples and Quality policy of QA Technic are declared through its website.

QA Technic operates independently from training delivered to personnel while operating in fields of personnel evalution and certification,. QA Technic states that there is no cooperation between training institution and QA Technic or any support of training company to QA Technic by impartiality declaration.

Latif Murat YILMAZ


70174-Stuttgart, Deutschland
Telefon : +49 711 94 54 06 21
Fax :        +49 711 94 54 49 46
E-Mail :    info@qatechnic.de
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