• ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is the most widely accepted and applied standard in the environmental management system worldwide. It specifies what environmental management should include and should do in companies.  

The introduction of an environmental management system is an efficient way to measure and monitor the critical characteristics of operational processes, products and services and their impact on the environment.   

DIN EN ISO 14001 stands for a continuous improvement of the environmental performance of companies and provides a significant contribution to compliance with environmental law. About 324,000 companies are currently certified according to this standard, 8,000 of which are companies in Germany.  The trend is rising (ISO Survey 2014).

The benefits of ISO 14001 for your company:

  • System and standard knowledge (ISO 14001)
  • General methods of operational environmental protection and their application
  • Specific knowledge about environmental issues and impacts
  • Compliance with environmental directives: 
  • Knowledge and relevance of environmental regulations and requirements
  • Reduction of pollutants: Prevention or reduction of environmental pollution
  • Saving costs (material, water, waste, energy and material flows)
  • Positive image in the public: 
  • Employees are sensitized to environmental issues
  • Increased MA motivation through stronger identification 
  • Competitive advantages:  Customers are increasingly demanding an environmental management system 
  • Fixed responsibilities and behavioral structures in emergencies
  • Objective evidence of insurance and creditworthiness 
  • Ensure the entrepreneurial diligence 
  • Minimize accident and liability risks 

The ISO 14001 is compatible with other management standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 and provides proof of compliance with international standards. 

Your advantages in working with us:

  • Security in planning and execution at an individual fixed price
  • Shortened audit duration and certification in 6-12 weeks
  • Compact, unbureaucratic and flexible approach
  • Fast implementation through years of audit  expertise

Order of ISO 14001 certification process

1- Pre-audit (optional):  Audit experts assess the certification readiness of your company and check whether the requirements of DIN ISO 14001 are already implemented or in process.  

2- Certification audit: The audit is divided into two stages. 

The stage 1 audit, also referred to as a "friendly audit", is used to plan the certification audit. In this case,
  • Examination of documentation:  An auditor examines the documentation on site to determine whether the documentation of your quality management system is congruent with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.  
  • An auditor checks whether external framework conditions for the certification audit in Stage 2 are available.  In this stage, possible deficiencies can be corrected effectively in order to successfully pass the certification audit. 
  • The auditor will show you the effectiveness of your quality management system as well as its practical application. 

The certification audit in your company takes place in stage 2 audit. 

3- Issuance of certificate:  After the certification audit, a certificate for a quality management system according to ISO 14001 is issued.  The certificate provides proof of the standard conformity and functionality of your quality management system.  At the same time, your company is included in the public online certificate database. 

4- Monitoring audits: Monitoring audits will be carried out annually in the next two years.  In the monitoring audit, the continuous optimization of your processes and the maintenance of the standard conformity are checked.

5- Re-certification: The audit will be repeated at the end of three years.  With re-certification, you document your continuous improvement process as well as your commitment to customers and partners.

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