• ISO 20000

ISO 20000 Standard is a standard prepared to establish IT companies’ activities and organisational structure gathering 6-7 standard under a single roof.

  • Enables to see feasibility clearly,
  • Increases the productive usage of sources,
  • Prevents the business and problem recurrence,
  • Increases safety,speed and accessibility in service processes,
  • Provide convenience in selection and management of external service providers,
  • Increase the motivation of employees and correct analyse job satisfaction,
  • Fastens the learning period of accessibility of past experiences,
  • Increases the customer satisfaction,

It is valid for all great-small companies basing on IT Technology services notwithstanding to its sector.

It is also appropriate for Internal IT service providers and external service providers such as IT subcontraced organisations. It is also preferred by IT dependendent sectors such as telecommunication, finance and public sectors and call center service providers have outsourcing activities.
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