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Information, is an asset which have value for any entreprise as well as other important commercial presences and for that reason, it needs to be conserved appropriately. Information safety protects the information from large hazard and threat areas to provide commercial maintenance, to minimise the commercial losses and to maximise the return of commercial opportunities and investments. Information could appear in many different form.  It could be documented and printed, could be hold as electronically, via post or could be delivered by the help electronical media/opportunities, could be filmed or could be expressed orally during the conversation.

Information, should always be conserved appropriately independent from what is the form or whatever it is meaning when it is shared or gathered. Information safety, is defined as the conservation of clauses seen below :

Confidentiality:  To guarantee that information is only accessible for the individuals entry clearance provided.

Integrity: Provision of the accuracy and integrity of information and process methods

Convenience : To guarantee that authorised users will reach to information and related sources when it is required.

Benefits of ISO 27001:2013:

  •     enables continuity of work
  •     gains the trust of  customer
  •     comply with legal regulations

It is a sign for great importance is attached to Information Safety Management System  

Confidentiality, reliability and convenience of information; provides conservation and continuity of competitive power, cash flow, profitability, legal obligations and commercial image.

Protects the information systems and its networks against threat and hazards come from extra large sources such as computer aided fraud,  espionage, sabotage, destructiveness, fire and float.

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