• Yacht Directive (Recreational Crafts Regulation) - (94/25/EC)

Scope of Regulation

Recreational crafts whose length overall is between 2,5 m and 24m.,  semifinished recreational crafts and components of those crafts which covers;

a ) Combustion protection equipment for sterndrive and yacht implanted engines
b ) Starting gear prevention equipment when the gear is engaged for outboard motors
c ) Steer wheels, steer mechanisms and wiring harnesses
d ) Fuel tanks, pipes and hoses
e ) Ready (prefabricated) hatch and portholes

Recreational Craft : Any model of any craft notwithstanding drive systems, designed for entertainment and sport intends, whose length overall is appropriately harmonised and when it is measured with respect to national standard, length overall is not shorter than 2,5 meter and not longer than 24m.

Legal Status : It has been obligatory for member states since 16 June 1994. (94/25/EC Recreational Craft Directive) is published on 2nd April of 2002 in Turkey as  Recreational Craft Regulation (94/25/AT) and became obligatory.

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