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Dear business partners;

 As you know, Covid-19 disease caused by Corona virus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization as of March 11. After this announcement, the Covid-19 outbreak continued to spread rapidly.

ALBERK QA TECHNIC on the other hand, in order to protect its full-time employees, outsourced expert and auditor pool members, customers and other persons who are in contact with all these persons, the protection measures that have been shaped in line with the government decisions of the relevant countries and the relevant countries. has been implemented.

ALBERK QA TECHNIC has started to offer remote control service as one of these protection measures. Remote Assessment service, which has gained great importance due to the need to minimize physical contact due to a pandemic, the need to maintain social distance, and to limit the curfew in some locations; IAF ID 12 Remote Control Principles and IAF MD 4 Information / Communication Technology (ICT) Usage Guidelines for Audit / Evaluation Purposes are taken into consideration.

As the word meaning of Remote Assessment; It is the auditing of the virtual or physical fields of the company to be audited by electronic means (web-based seminar, web meetings, teleconferences, online audio and video services, remote access to the organization's data processing activity, management system and database).

Please contact our company for information and to apply for remote auditing in your company.

70174-Stuttgart, Deutschland
Telefon : +49 (0) 711 99 52 16 30
Fax :        +49 711 94 54 49 46
E-Mail :    info@qatechnic.de
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