The classification of a food as allowed (halal) or prohibited (haram) takes place through the interaction of numerous factors. The guidelines for this is the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Geographic conditions and conditions also play a decisive role. Ultimately, food production is such a highly specialized area that it can be divided into different sciences (e.g. food technology or chemistry).

Processes and materials change so quickly that it is not possible to make a general statement about product categories. Rather, individual components and manufacturing processes are considered and analyzed by Islamic legal scholars and then classified as halal or non-halal.

The evaluation is no longer carried out by individual scholars. Depending on the requirements, legal school and region, various certification institutes have been established worldwide for such tasks.

They carry out the certification of a product as allowed (halal) on behalf of food producers, restaurants etc. To receive a seal, the client must comply with all criteria and conditions of the relevant institute.

What does halal mean?

The word "halal" comes from Arabic and means "allowed" or "permitted" in English. “Halal” is understood as all ways of life, deeds and foods that are permitted under Islamic law.

The counterpart of "halal" is "haram", which means "forbidden" in English.
For example, the consumption of pork and also the pork gelatin in sweets is haram for Muslims, and is therefore prohibited.
Which actions and foods are halal (allowed) and haram (forbidden) for Muslims results from the Koran and the way of life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

The benefits for your company:

  1. They confirm that their food products comply with the regulations of Islam
  2. You create recognition through control
  3. You gain trust through systematic methods and documentation
  4. You verify that your products contain no alcohol and no substances from pigs.
Your advantages in working with us:
  • Security in planning and implementation with an individual fixed price
  • Compact, unbureaucratic and flexible approach
  • Fast implementation because of many years of audit expertise
  • Short audit duration and certification within 6 - 12 weeks

Our audit experts offer national small and medium-sized companies as well as international companies customized solutions / management systems to achieve their goals.

Together with you we develop a schedule that is tailored to you. We do not require attendance of expensive and lengthy training courses. Our audit experts take care of all the necessary steps, from the analysis of the current state of your existing processes, audit planning and execution, to reporting and certification.

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