Information is an asset which requires to be retained as other commercial assets. Information security protects the information data against danger and threat area in order to maintain commercial continuity, minimise commercial losses and maximize commercial opportunities and invesments. This information can be found in multiple ways including composing and printing on a sheet, virtual dispatching, screening in a film or oral expressing

Information data must be retained conveniently without considering the points how it is going to be formed, shared or gathered. You may review the factors related to Information Security as following.

Confidentiality:  To ensure that information data is only accessible for related part(s)

Integrity:  To ensure the methods of information and operation in order for verification and integration

Eligibility:  To ensure that information data and related source are eligible to access for authorized users if necessary.

Benefits of ISO 27001:2013:

  • enables continuity for working environment
  • enables to gain customer’s trust
  • enables to comply with legal requirement/regulations
  • enables to point out the high interest on Information Security Management Systems
  • enables to protect and maintain information confidentiality, reliability, eligibility, competitiveness, cash flow, profits, legal requirements and commercial image
  • enables to protect information systems and networks from threats and dangers via computer-based fraud, spying, sabotage, subversiveness, fire and flood


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